Anatomy of a decision

  • May 20, 2017
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I have been enjoying how organized my garage and house are. Everything has been put away. I’ve been wanting to restart my stalled home remodel project, and I almost spun my life out of control.

The lead-up

  • I bring back some additional ski gear and other stuff from the cabin.
  • I arrive back to Seattle late at night, so I quickly unload my truck into my basement & garage, but I don’t put anything away
  • The next day comes and goes and I choose to run an errand and do some gardening instead of putting things away

The “opportunity”

A crunch work project gets rescheduled, and I find myself with some much-needed breathing room. Sensing the extra time, I think “I finally have some time to get started on my construction project”
At this point, nothing is wrong … it’s ok that I haven’t put the stuff away yet. But I am on the verge of sending my life off the rails. Read on …


At this point, I have three choices:

  • I  don’t put things away and immediately start working on the construction project
  • I put things away and then start working on the construction project
  • I put things away and then drive up to my cabin to relax for the weekend, where I can play my bass, do some yoga, book my airfare for my upcoming trip, and take stock of my life

There are two aspects to what’s going on here. The first, and most obvious, is that I don’t want to let too much time go by before putting my stuff away … a day or two is ok, heck, that’s life! The second aspect is less obvious, and that’s the importance of actually having my stuff put away before I even think about doing anything else. “Oh but that’s just planning” … no! … its how we disconnect ourselves from our life.

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